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All our windows are  'A'  or  'A+' rated as per the new regulations.

Double glazing benefits your home in so many ways. As well as adding comfort and value, our new windows keep your home warmer and more secure.

  • Improved Security.

    Crime is on the increase our windows add to your 'home protection'.

  • Improved insulation.

    The 'low E' or 'K' glass will drastically cut the amount of heat leaving the room.

  • Noise Reduction.

  • Maintenance Free.

  • Made to measure.
  • Wide range of glass options, colour and styles.      

Casement Windows
Casement windows come with a range of fixed panes and opening casements.

Tilt n Turn Windows
The tilt and turn window is popular where an inward opening application is required, for instance where outside
window shutters prevent a window from opening outwards. It operates simply into ‘ventilation mode’, where the top of the sash tilts inwards. On closing the sash and further rotating the handle, the hinge mechanism is engaged, allowing the sash to swing inwards for an easier and safer outside windowpane to clean.



You have a choice of gold, chrome, bronze, white and silver handles for most of our uPVC  windows.
 Decorative Glass
For an additional effect in your windows and even more character to your home, we also offer a range of decorative glass such as leaded lights, coloured leaded lights and bevelled glass.  

Or for more privacy we offer a choice of obscured glass.